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ARA France

Christian Frégé
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amisrelart.france [at]

70, bd Saint-Michel
F- 75006 Paris

Renseignements sur l’association et ses activités

 Françoise BIERI-JAMA, Trésorière
6 rue de Bethléem, 51140 Montigny-sur-Vesle – 06 03 52 26 26 - 03 26 91 00 06

ARA Canada

Jonathan Tremblay
(+1) 418-843 2238
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1000, 3e Avenue
Case postale 52006
Québec (Québec)
G1L 2X0, Canada

Une nouvelle galerie à voir : Ve FIRA

Le Ve FIRA a eu lieu à Montréal en 1996. Cette exposition majeure, la première organisée par ARA-Canada, réunissait 225 reliures regroupées en 4 volets.
Le catalogue virtuel est maintenant en ligne, produit à partir des diapositives d'origine et du catalogue papier :

New gallery on line : Ve FIRA

Henry Van de Velde and Art Nouveau bookbinding in Belgium

Bibliotheca Wittockiana rue du Bemel 23 1150 Bruxelles

The Art Nouveau style in Belgium is known for the interplay of supple lines and movements as well as for the stylisation of ornamental flowers, both figurative and linear.

Belgian bookbinding has been particularly influenced by the strong personality of the architect and decorator Henry Van de Velde. Between 1893 and 1900 he created decorated bindings which, together with their preliminary designs, have been brought together here for the first time. Furniture, silver, jewellery, stained-glass and textiles designed by the artist will complete the exhibition.

site of CARMENCHO about "to morrow's past"

Tomorrow’s Past 2009 Paris
Click here to see it:

For more information about the new books, the binders and the new bindings’ materials and techniques
Click here and at each binder’s name:

Why Paris? Pourquoi Paris?
Sün Evrard answers this question in the Introduction page - voir la réponse de Sün sur la page d'intoduction
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Via A. Del Bon, 1 -20158 Milano I

For didactic Activities see attachments

Teachers : Christina Balbiano d'Aramengo , Carmencho Arregui, Cor Aerssens, Angel Simone, Silvia Molinari

Fine Bindings, book Conservation
Via A. Del BON, 1 - 20158 MILANO -I

tel/fax (+39) 02 3760058


Thursday 26 May 2011 (All day) to Sunday 29 May 2011 (All day)
Belgium , BRUGES
ARA Belgica

231 participants from 21 countries.

Since ARA's creation in 1982, the prestigious FIRA event has been organized in various countries. After Monaco in 1988, Basel in 1990, Toulouse in 1992, Luxemburg in 1994, Montreal in 1996, Venice in 1999, Athens in 2002, Limoges in 2005, Freiburg (CH) in 2007, it will now be Bruges' turn to be host to the FIRA in 2011. This medieval Belgian city in a country located on the crossroad of Germanic and Latin cultures, has not only a great potential for such a cultural event but offers also a perfect setting which will be enjoyed by the participants.

WESTERN TRAVELLERS IN CHINA discovering the middle kingdom

Bibliotheca Wittockiana rue du Bemelstraat 23 1150 Brussels
28.10.2009 / 10.01.2010 tue/zun : 10am /5pm closed : 11.11.2009 - 25.12.2009 - 01.01.2010

China has fuelled the imaginations of Europeans for more than a thousand years. Attracted by legends ans fragmentary tales that circulated about this totally unknown far-away country, and later by the exotic products that arrived in the West via the Silk Road, many Western travellers, from the Middle Ages onward, set out for China: Jean de Plan Carpin (from 1245 to 1246), Guillaume de Rubroeck (from 1253 to 1255), Marco Polo (from 1275 to 1290), Odoric de Pordenone (1323-1328), Matteo Ricci (from 1582 to 1610), Ferdinand Verbiest (from 1656 to 1688) and Lord Marcartney (from 1792 to 1794).

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