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Programma 2012 Lori Sauer : Modified Sewn Board Binding 17&18 april and A Removable Case 19&20 oktober 2012

Handboekbinderij Wilgenkamp Blokker (Hoorn) NL

1) Modified Sewn-Bord Binding 17 &18 april 2012, 19&20 october 2012

Originally developed by conservator Gary Frost in the USA this is a versatile binding that uses very little adhesive and that is equally attractive in combinations of paper, cloth or leather covers. Lori Sauer has used it extensively on fine bindings, and has made various modifications to the attachment of the spine, including one with wood.

Programma 2012 Innovative album structures: Docent BENJAMIN ELBEL - MEMO see also master class on 16&17 december 2011

Bindery Wilgenkamp Binnenplaats 40 1695 jj Blokker (Hoorn) NL

This course by Benjamin Elbel will unveil two elegant and unconventional methods for binding a collection of paper documents of the same size (like postcards), without the need of gluing them, drilling them or using plastic sleeves or standard photo corners.
See :

One of them ,published in the' Festschrift for Hedi Kyle ' in 2009, almost magically holds postcards by pinching one of their edges into its pockets, while the other one takes advantage of a ingenious corner construction.
The workshop is also a good introduction to concertinas.

Master Class Dos Rapporté by Benjamin Elbel

Atelier Wilgenkamp Blokker (Hoorn) NL

The "Dos Rapporté" is a binding technique where back and boards are first treated separately before being put together. Benjamin Elbel developed a technique of his own which will attract all those who are interested in an elegant and contemporary method of bookbinding. Advanced bookbinding know-how and experience of leather processing are requested for this masterclass.

The class will be given in English but French or German wouldn't be a problem.

Duration : 2 days : 16 and 17 december 2011

Fee : 175,00 EURO, lunch and material included

Art bookbindings -St Maartenkliniek - Nijmegen (NL)

Kliniek St Maartenskliniek - Hengstdal 3 6522 JV Nijmegen

Art bookbindings made by the following artists are exhibited:

Edgard Claes OSC
Henriëtte van Heijningen
Henk Koning
August Kulche
Berdien van Lieshout
Mario Maas
Michel Richard
Christine Sieber
Jacob Vermeulen
Marian Verstappen
Diny Wijnhoven-Meijs
Victor Wijnhoven
Marja Wilgenkamp.

Unfortunately the folder with list of the exhibited books is in Dutch only,
but the keen visitors of the exhibition will no doubt easely understand all
about the technical details of the bindings, and will thus be able to 'read'
the artists. At the back of the folder you will find the address

LE FONDS MICHEL WITTOCK: de la passion au don.

Bibliotheca Wittockiana - 23 rue de Bemel 1150 Bruxelles

Michel Wittock has assembled a truly magnificent collection of bookbindings, from the riches of the Renaissance until recent artistic expressions. A standard collection! To valorize this ensemble he founded the Bibliotheca Wittockiana, a private museum that he developed into a study centre and museum of international acclaim
He wished and hoped that his collection and the research activities could be made permanent.
The King Baudoin Foundation enthusiastically wanted to join in the realization of this initiative.


Hotel d'Ansembourg, rue Féronstrée 114 Liège

The association for the development of artistic bookbinding – APPAR –
comes to greet the Ansembourg Museum in Liege.
This Museum was appropriate as it offers a complete panorama of all the arts and craftsmanship. More than a Museum of decorative arts this place representative of an epoch was more than ready to open up to other forms of art.

the most important aspect of this project is the dialogue that will be


Bibliothèque Charles-Henri Blais ,1445 av Maguire , Quebec

Exposition organized by "les amis de la reliure d'art Canada"

Henry Van de Velde and Art Nouveau bookbinding in Belgium

Bibliotheca Wittockiana rue du Bemel 23 1150 Bruxelles

The Art Nouveau style in Belgium is known for the interplay of supple lines and movements as well as for the stylisation of ornamental flowers, both figurative and linear.

Belgian bookbinding has been particularly influenced by the strong personality of the architect and decorator Henry Van de Velde. Between 1893 and 1900 he created decorated bindings which, together with their preliminary designs, have been brought together here for the first time. Furniture, silver, jewellery, stained-glass and textiles designed by the artist will complete the exhibition.

site of CARMENCHO about "to morrow's past"

Tomorrow’s Past 2009 Paris
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