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News Bulletin - No.34 - August 2017

Bargain Basement

In recent months we have again been fortunate enough to acquire the contents of several binderies. We are very pleased to be able to offer for sale an extensive selection of 2nd hand finishing tools and equipment.

A new selection of lovely special offer leathers has also been added to our 'Bargain Basement
Universal Corner Gauge
Eliminate the guess work with perfect corners every time. All you need is the new Universal Corner Gauge, a spare piece of board that is the same thickness as your cover board and a few basic tools you will already own.

£5.50 each (subject to shipping and VAT where applicable)
The Society of Bookbinders Competition, 2017
The J. Hewit & Sons Award for Excellence in Design
Winner Tracey Bush (UK)

Book - Dusk (Self-published 2016)

The J. Hewit & Sons Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship
Winner Ingela Dierick (Belgium)

Book - Ein Krippenspiel (Hugo Ball 1992)

Our warm congratulations go to Tracey and Ingela.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!
from David Lanning and all the team at J Hewit & Sons

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