Event date
15 June 2020 - 15 June 2020
Bibliotheca Wittockiana Rue Bemel 23 Bemelstraat 23 1150 Bruxelles
ARA Belgica

Spanish version see attachment

The theme will be inspired by the four natural elements: water, earth, air or fire.

We’ll be glad to answer any question regarding the theme.

Before finalising the project in partnership with the Bibliotheca Wittockiana, we are already able to share a few major informations to enable you to start looking for a book or artist’s book.

One book by exhibitor.

The registration fee has not been increased, i.e. €80, including the catalogue, worth €40.

If a return by post is required, the book + catalogue will be sent at the expense of the participant, according to to the administration costs related to the exhibition.

The participating binders should be vigilant about technical design and implementation of the décor which will be crucial for selection by the jury.

Key dates of the project:

exhibition mid-june 2020 (dismantling date not yet decided)

submission of registration form by the end of June 2019

description form by beginning of november 2019

shipping of book + copy of description form by mid-january 2020

some suggestions:

1 rue Faivre d'Esnans
25110 Baume-les-Dames
Tel / Fax : 03 81 84 32 88
Site Internet :

- Wind / 350 euros
- Mesure au vide : version courante à 18 euros et version ex. de tête à 100 euros.
- Chants pour traverser la mer / 450 euros
- Barbes du Vent de Luis Mizon qui est paru en 97, il n'y a plus de lien vers le site mais il en reste trois ou quatre ex à 18 euros
- La mer, la nuit / 150 euros
- Marée basse / 21 euros
- La mer du troisième jour / 21 euros