Art bookbindings -St Maartenkliniek - Nijmegen (NL)

Tentoonstelling BOEKBANDEN - St Maartenkliniek Nijmegen (NL)
Kliniek St Maartenskliniek - Hengstdal 3 6522 JV Nijmegen

Art bookbindings made by the following artists are exhibited:

Edgard Claes OSC
Henriëtte van Heijningen
Henk Koning
August Kulche
Berdien van Lieshout
Mario Maas
Michel Richard
Christine Sieber
Jacob Vermeulen
Marian Verstappen
Diny Wijnhoven-Meijs
Victor Wijnhoven
Marja Wilgenkamp.

Unfortunately the folder with list of the exhibited books is in Dutch only,
but the keen visitors of the exhibition will no doubt easely understand all
about the technical details of the bindings, and will thus be able to 'read'
the artists. At the back of the folder you will find the address
(bezoekersadres) of the St. Maartenskliniek. The exhibition is open all day.
Most of the photographs attached are made by our son Peter Wijnhoven for
insurance purpose, not for publication. The photographs bear the title of
the book followed by the abbreviated first name and surname (capitals) of
the binder.

Infos: tel: 024-3659987